August 2014 Recap

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NOTE:  I just discovered that I never posted this last month – oops!  I didn’t do a September update because nothing really changed in September (weight and measurements were the same).

WOW!!!  September is already zooming by!  I cannot believe how busy the last couple of weeks have been for me.  I apologize for not posting this sooner!!  Here is my August recap:

Let’s start with the numbers:
6/11/2014    9/1/2014    Progress
Weight:                            217 lbs.        202 lbs.        -15 lbs.
Upper arm                        15″               14″              -1.0″
Abs (at fullest point)          45.5″            40.5”           -5.0″
Waist                               44″                41.5″           -2.5″
Hips                                 50.5″             48”              -2.5″
Thigh                               27.5″             26”              -1.5″

And here is my official picture for September 1, 2014:

I didn’t make much progress in August.  As I reflect back on the month, I didn’t focus as much on being healthy as I probably should have.  We had several birthdays (and I just can’t resist birthday cake and ice cream, even though I should), a week of yard sale prep where we lived in survival mode (eat what’s easiest and keep moving), and a camping trip as well.  Even though I did manage to complete the #MyAugustFit50 challenge of walking 50 miles, I still only managed to lose 3 pounds last month as well as some inches.  How do is it possible to walk 50 miles in a month and only lose 3 pounds; the only explanation I can come up with is that I just didn’t eat well.

So, here were my successes and challenges for the month:

1.  I don’t see that I had many successes. :-(

2.  My biggest challenge is that it seems as if the honeymoon phase of my health journey has passed.  What I mean by that is that it was exciting at first to eat different from my family, to experiment with new foods, to shop for new, fresh, healthy foods, and to weigh and measure my foods so I could track what I was eating (for carbs and sugar, not so much for calories).  Well, now all of that is becoming challenging to keep up with.  I get frustrated making one meal for Eric and I and then something different for the kids since they aren’t really wanting what Eric and I are eating (Eric is lovin’ the healthier options though).  I am now trying to balance what I am willing to eat and what they want.  I just have to be careful because I am so tempted by rice/potatoes/carbs; I have a hard time eating “just a little” rice… I want MORE (but regret it later)!

3.  I guess a continuation on the previous point it that so many traditional breakfast foods are so high in carbs – toast, French toast, pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, rice, cereal, etc. are a carb nightmare!!!!  Eggs are a good option, but I have eaten so many eggs that they are losing their appeal.  I have tried to research some paleo-type breakfast ideas, but am having a hard time finding something that appeals to me.  I am open to suggestions if anyone has any – feel free to comment on this blog post or message me on Facebook!  :-)  So, I find myself eating high-carb options with the kids… not a great way to start my day. :-/

4.  I also feel like less-than-healthy options are faster and easier to prepare.  I try hard to not purchase processed foods, but some of those things seemed to make more of an appearance in August due to picnics, camping and the need to have something on the table that is fast and simple.  I need to work harder to be better prepared.

Sorry to be such a whiner this month, but I am frustrated.  September is already proving to be a challenge too.  With school and soccer starting again and with it getting darker earlier, it is proving very difficult for me to get my exercise in.  Tonight is the first night that I have been able to walk so far this month, and I was only able to get in 0.7 miles before I needed to return to “mom duties”.  Eric and I are also reworking our budget and that means we need to trim back our grocery budget (that is one of our only variable expenses).  It is difficult to eat healthy on a limited budget.  I am going to continue to work on keeping healthy food in the house, but it will be different than what I was eating earlier this summer.  Again, I find that foods heavy in carbs seem to be cheaper and easier to prepare… sigh…  I need to find a new normal that our whole family can embrace and be happy with.  I would love to hear how you do this for your family.

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