Essential Oils

Essential oils have become a very vital part of my family’s health and wellness regime.  I love knowing that I have natural alternatives available for those time when our bodies need additional support! 

What are Essential Oils?

There is a lot of talk these days about essential oils.  One of the first things to understand is what essentials oils are.

What are essential oils?

Explanation of essential oils

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I regularly use essential oils in our home for all of these purposes. I find that they work equally well to support your emotional health as they do for your physical health! As far as physical health goes, consider how the 2nd pic on this post shows how essential oils work differently in our bodies than medicines do. As far as physical environment is concerned, essential oils are amazing at how they can provide a chemical free way to clean and scent the air in our homes!! You can vary the essential oil used to give different effects – a citrus oil will give an uplifting scent whereas oils such as rosemary or clarity can help increase focus during school work.

What can essential oils do for you?

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Essential Oils vs. medicine


Here’s my story:

For the past few years my family has been trying to be healthier through diet and exercise as well as elimination of chemical-laden cleaning and household products. Early on in this journey to be healthier a couple of my friends had been sharing how their families had been benefitting from the use of essential oils. While I believed them, I knew nothing about essential oils. I began to do some research and soon knew that this was something we had to try. So, we took the leap of faith in March 2014 we bought our membership kit with Young Living. My only regret is that we didn’t start sooner!! Due to our already good health, I do not have the dramatic health turnaround stories that some of people have experienced, I can tell you that since we began using essential oils, I have only bought 1 bottle of cough syrup and a couple bottles of pain reliever; other than that, we have been able to naturally support our many body systems through essential oils.

Why my family will only use Young Living essential oils

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The top line on the above picture says that it is important to do your own research – I wholeheartedly agree with that!! I have done a LOT of research and everything always led me back to Young Living. If you want some help to dig deeper before you make a decision, please let me know and I’ll be glad to help you with that.

If you are ready to take the leap and begin using essential oils today, visit this link to begin your membership today.

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