Essential Oil Resources

My Essential Oils Resources

Here are some of my essential oil resources:

1.  Young Living Essential Oils – what makes them different from other essential oil companies?  Well, Dr. Gary Young, founder of Young Living, is the modern pioneer of essential oils.  Essential oils have been used for thousands of years (and, yes, the are even mentioned in the Bible) however we strayed away from them at some point but are finally coming back around to using this amazing, natural source for health and wellness.  Young Living has a Seed-to-Seal guarantee – they oversee each step of the essential oil process.  You can learn more about it here:

2. This site has great information on Young Living’s essential oils as well as other essential oil information as well:

3. Wonder what oils might help something you are struggling with?  Visit this site:

4.  Another website that has a wealth of information:  I visit her site often to do further research into single oils, oil blends, supplements, etc.

5.  If you are interested in seeing what health research has been done using oils, visit: .  This site publishes medical research.  Search “Young Living” or “essential oil” to see the published research that is out there.

6. is another great site about essential oil research!  Another great wealth of information!

7.  One of Young Living’s signature products is Ningxia Red.  Here is a site devoted to it: