Cast iron pans… oh my!!

If I were to say that I had a cast iron pan addiction, well, that would be an understatement!!!  I LOVE CAST IRON PANS!!!I bought my first cast iron skillets several years ago and tried desperately to love them… but I didn’t!  The information I had for “seasoning” a new pan just left my pans icky and sticky; AND… when I cooked in them all my food stuck to the pan!  Not an enjoyable cooking experience, so I would just shove them back in the cupboard for a while!  I would repeat this process every couple years with the same results!  Thankfully I stumbled upon a Facebook group called:  Cast Iron Cooking!  I learned so much from this group.  It is a huge group and kind of overwhelming at first, but I slowly settled in!  In this group I finally learned how to properly care for my pans (how to season them initially and how to keep wash them to keep them looking and working fabulously!)!!!  If you join this group, you can find the instructions I use here; you can thank me later!  :-)  Ever since then, using my cast iron skillets have been a joy!!  I have also since then added many new pieces to my collection!  It is so much fun shopping at thrift stores, antique stores, auctions and auction website to find a “new to me” treasure!!  I find immense joy in refurbishing an old, nasty-looking, crusty pan into a pan that looks brand new!!  Here is one of my refurbish projects: