Thieves: The Immune System Supporting Super Oil

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9 - Thieves

Thieves! If you value health and want to keep your immune system strong, then I HIGHLY suggest you get some Thieves essential oil blend and use it regularly.  This is one super, powerhouse essential oil blend!! I LOVE IT!! During cold and flu season I apply this oil on my feet EVERY night at bedtime to support my immune system (I dilute it 1:1 with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil for easier application)!!

Other ways to use Thieves to support your immune system is to make Thieves Tea.  Just put one drop of Thieves Vitality in some hot water along with some honey and drink that.  I know many people who enjoy drinking Thieves Tea just because it tastes so yummy!

Also, Thieves is great diffused because it makes your house smell like Christmas!!  :-) And by diffusing it, everyone who is in the room with the diffuser benefits from this awesome oil blend!

Perhaps you are wondering what is up with the name of “Thieves” for this blend.  The history of the Thieves oil blend is an interesting story:

Back in the time of the Plague in the 1400s, authorities noticed that thieves were stealing items from the homes of the dead and dying. This puzzled them because everyone that came in contact with someone with the Plague also died. They couldn’t figure out how these thieves were staying alive after being exposed to the Plague. Once caught, the magistrate offered the thieves leniency if they would explain how they were able avoid contracting this deadly disease. It turns out that these thieves were perfumers and spice traders who knew what to use to avoid getting sick. Hence the name “thieves” was born.

The way I heard the rest of the story is that Gary Young saw this information at a museum in the Middle East and knew he had to make an immune-system supporting blend using the essential oils of these spices.  Thus Young Living Thieves blend was born!!!

Remember it is easier to STAY healthy than it is to GET healthy!!  Use Thieves regularly to support your immune system!!

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