Things have been quiet here, but…. I’M BACK!!

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Hello all!!  I know that I haven’t been here sharing with you much lately.  I feel like I fell off the proverbial wagon of good health last fall when life got hectic with fall sports and I have stayed in my rut all winter.  Although I was in a rut, I am pleased that I have maintained my weight over the last 6 months!!  However, spring is finally here (the weather has seemed a bit confused at times though – LOL!) and I am motivated to get back on track and excited to start getting healthy with all of you again!

Here’s my plan moving forward:
1.  I am making a fitness challenge for myself each month and anyone is welcome to join in.  Be watching tomorrow for my May challenge!
2.  In addition to my personal fitness challenge, my oldest two daughters want to run our local Seaway Run this year and want me to run with them.  I agreed to do it but must admit that I have never run before so this will be quite an undertaking for me!!!  I am planning to follow the “Couch to 5k” training plan.  It’s just a short 8 weeks until the run so I need to get training!!  Considering that spring soccer and baseball are in full swing, this will definitely be something that I will need to stay committed to and have a plan to get it done every day!!  I don’t want to let my girls down!
3.  I will be improving my eating habits again.  I shared last year that I determined that my nutritional type is “protein” ( I get energized when I eat meat) (curious what your nutritional type is, check out this link).  So I will be returning my focus to protein and veggies as well as keeping my carbs in check.  This worked well for helping me lose about 20 lbs last summer, so I am hoping to drop at least another 20 this summer too!!

I will be doing regular check-ins for accountability on my FB page (  If you would like to join me on my journey and/or would also like a place to check-in for accountability, I would love to do that with you through my page!!

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