Ylang Ylang for Intimacy

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2.3 Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang essential oil seems to be an oil designed for intimacy!!  This oil has a soft, sweet, flowery fragrance makes it a romantic favorite.  In Indonesia, the petals of the Ylang Ylang flowers are scattered over the bed of newlywed couples on their wedding night.  The scent is known to balance and harmonize male-female energies as well as to increase sexual energy.  It increases feelings of happiness and adoration, and also calms the mind.

Ladies, consider wearing Ylang Ylang essential oil as a perfume or put it on before you head to the bedroom at night!!  It is also lovely diffused.  Lucy Libido says it is simply magical applied to the inner thighs… and I would agree!! Applying the oil to the inner thighs must cause increased blood flow to the lower body.  It was a very pleasant sensation!!!

To see how Young Living harvest and distills the Ylang Ylang, check out the video below!!  Again, I love Young Living because of their commitment to high standards!!!


* We ONLY use Young Living Essential Oils!!  Young Living Essential Oils is the ONLY essential oil company that can give you a Seed to Seal Guarantee (click here for more info on that) so I KNOW that the oils I am using for my family are pure and unadulterated!!  If you would like to get your own Young Living Essential Oils, click here for more info on how you can do that.

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