Your Mission: Live with No Regrets

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It Might Have Been
I came across this quote while searching for a Monday Motivation quote and I haven’t been able to shake it from my brain. While it may not be uplifting, it sure it motivating… at least it was to me.
We have been to too many funerals lately and I find myself wondering what people will say at my funeral. I also find myself wondering if these people were peaceful in their last days and moments… did they have regrets for things left undone, things that they should have done, things that they let fear prevent them from doing…
May we all life our life in such a way that in our last breaths we won’t be saying, “it might have been.” May this quote motivate us to live with no regrets!!! We can’t change the past but we are the authors of our future!!
What will you do today to the words “it might have been” will not haunt you in your last days??

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