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2.5.2 Sexy Time Diffuser Recipe

Sexy Time Diffuser Recipe

Tonight’s the night for a diffuser recipe so I am sharing one to help set the mood in the bedroom.  I really like this particular combination: Ylang Ylang essential oil sets the mood and balances the male/female energy.  Orange essential oil helps to let go of stress and creates feelings of bliss.  Since all of those things are good as we set a mood for intimacy in the bedroom, this is a great … Click to read more

Essential Oils

2.4 Cypress oh my wow

Cypress for Intimacy

Cypress, oh Cypress, how I do love thee!!!  This essential oil has been in my oily toolbox for a long time.  I used it for encouraging proper function in my lymphatic and respiratory system and thought it was a great oil.  Well, I now think of it as a great, GREAT essential oil since reading the … Click to read more

2.3 Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang for Intimacy

Ylang Ylang essential oil seems to be an oil designed for intimacy!!  This oil has a soft, sweet, flowery fragrance makes it a romantic favorite.  In Indonesia, the petals of the Ylang Ylang flowers are scattered over the bed of newlywed couples on their wedding night.  The scent is known to balance … Click to read more

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The Secret to REAL, Lasting Energy!!

WOW!!  I think I have finally figured out the secret to real, lasting energy!!  While what I share here is not likely earth shattering to some, but it was really shocking to me!I have had times in my life when I struggled to have the energy that I … Click to read more

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More Posts from this Category